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QUOTE Curran: Well your friend took out her whole family. Catherine: Yes, she helped me understand homicidal impulse. Curran: I thought you would have learned that at school. Catherine: (laughs) Only in theory. But you know all about homicidal impulse, don't you Shooter? Not in theory; in practice, What happened. Did you get sucked into it? Did you like it too much? Curran: I don't know what you're talking about. Catherine: Tell me about the coke, Nick. The day you shot those two tourists, how much coke did you do? Hmmm.. come on, you can tell me. Curran: I didn't- Catherine: (whispering) Yes you did. But they never tested you, did they. Internal affairs knew. (smiles) Your wife knew too, didn't she? She knew what was going on, (whispers) Nicky got to close to the flame. Nicky liked it... that's why she killed herself.
HINT 1 Icepick
HINT 2 Stone
MOVIE TITLE Basic Instinct - 1992