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QUOTE Scotty - Bert, what are you doing? / Bert - Reading your e-mail / Scotty - Why are you wearing my bathrobe? / Bert - Oh I am sorry, but somebody pissed all over mine last night. I can't believe this German chick wants to come here and hook up with you. / Scotty - Don't think so buddy, Mieke's a guy. / Bert - It says right here trojas mechen, I was a sad girl to hear about Fiona. I'm taking intro to German and even I know that. / Scotty - Look retardo, she sent me a picture. This is Mieke and his cute cousin Jan. / Bert - No retardo. That's Jan, a man's name. And that's not Mike, it's Mieke a common German girl's name similar to our Michelle. I hope you told her to come and visit. [Scotty has a horrified look] You didn't. You thought she was a guy. I'm getting the video camera, what an asshole! / Scotty - NOOOOOOOOOOO!
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MOVIE TITLE Eurotrip - 2004