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QUOTE 1)Agent Matthews this woman has no talent! 2)Well jeez Vic, you don't have to yell it out in front of her. 1) I was not told to equipped her with a talent and i'm certainly not equipped to do so in the next 5 hours! 2) Hey you doll her up by the morning or... 1)Or what cupcake? 2) Who you calling a cupcake? Fruitcake! 3)Hey, hey, hey! There's something i know how to do, but i haven't done it since high school. 1) You are not having sex on this stage! 3)Uh... I didn't know that was an option. no for this all i have to do is call room service. *walks away* 1)Miss Hart... the donut. *gives the donut* and the other one. *gives other donut* *walks away* *dog barks* 3)Alright, alright alright. DONUT NAZIS!
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MOVIE TITLE Miss Congeniality - 2000