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QUOTE 1)I want to know more about him 2)Something was wrong, they said, with his hands. He couldn't write anymore, he couldn't do the work, I should take him out of school, they said. He was eleven. He slowly got worse. He'd be talking, suddenly he'd come to a stop. After a few seconds he'd finish what he was saying like nothing happened, but these standstills got longer. Sometimes he'd call to me and I'd come in and find him at his desk in a trance. An hour, two hours. Then he's be okay again. One day I came home from work and found him in his bed, his arm like this, reaching. 'What do you want Leonard?' He never spoke again. It was like he'd disappeared. I took him to Bainbridge later that year. November 14th, 1937. He was twenty. 1)What'd he do with himself, Mrs. Lowe, those nine years he stayed in his room? 2)He read.
HINT 1 Robin Williams
HINT 2 Penny Marshall directed
MOVIE TITLE Awakenings - 1990