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QUOTE 1)Did you read the case-the husband who came home to find his wife singing. She hadn't felt like singing in years. 2)I read them all. Soberly. All thirty cases had mild Parkinson's. Your Parkies - if that is what they are - haven't moved for decades. You know better than to make a leap like that, you want to believe there is a connection, that doesn't mean there is one. 1)What I believe, what I know, is that these people are alive inside. 2)How do you know? Because they catch tennis balls? 1)I know it. 2)And what if this drug were to kill them? 1)And what if this drug were to cure them? 2)How many did you think I'd let you put on it? 1)All of them....some of them....one of them 2)One. With the family's consent. Signed.
HINT 1 Robin Williams
HINT 2 Penny Marshall directed
MOVIE TITLE Awakenings - 1990