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QUOTE 1)People with ordinary Parkinson's Disease sometimes complain that they've 'lost their grace' They have to think about the things we do. It has to do with a chemical in the midbrain, or rather the lack of it, called dopamine. L-Dopa replenishes this dopamine, making it possible for these patients to move more naturally. 2)Leonard has Parkinson's Disease? 1)No. No, his symptoms are like Parkinsons...and then again they're not. 2)Then what will this medicine do for him? 1)I don't know what it'll do for him, if anyting. 2)What do you think it will do? 1)I don't know 2)What do you hope it will do? 1)I hope it'll bring him back from wherever he is. 2)To what? 1)To the world 2)What's here for him after all these years? 1)You are here.
HINT 1 Robin Williams
HINT 2 Penny Marshall directed
MOVIE TITLE Awakenings - 1990