Quotes Description

QUOTE 1. Colonel, you better have a look at this radar. 2. What is it son? 1. I don't know sir, but it look like a giant.. 3. Dick! Dick, take a look out the starboard... 4. Oh my God, it looks like a huge.. 5. Pecker! 6. Where? 5. Over there. What sort of bird is that? Oh goodness, it's not a bird, it's.. 7. Privates! We have reports of an Unidentified Flying Object. It has a long smooth shaft complete with... 8. Two balls! What is that? It look like an enormous.. 2. Johnson! 1. Yes, sir? 2. Get on the horn to British Intelligence and let them know about this.
HINT 1 Mike Myers sequel
HINT 2 Dr. Evil
MOVIE TITLE Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me - 1999