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QUOTE 1)You're not the Shipping Greenleaf's? 2)Trying not to be. 1)So now, did they put your suitcase in the wrong pile? It's just - upstairs - weren't you under the R stand? I thought I saw you there. 2) My father wants me in New York. He builds boats. I'd rather sail them. I travel under my mother's name. 1)Which is? 2)Emily. Just kidding. 1)The funny thing is, I'm not Randall either. I'm Logue. 2)As in...? 1)As in the Textile Logues. Trying to shrug off the dress. I travel under my mother's name, too. 2)Randall. 1)Right.
HINT 1 Matt Damon
HINT 2 Cate Blanchett
MOVIE TITLE Talented Mr. Ripley, The - 1999