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QUOTE 1)Sorry, sorry. Had to renew my papers. Italian bureaucracy - never one stamp when they can make you line up for three. Have you been waiting long? 2)Not at all. Morning Tom. 1)Hi. Sorry. You okay? You look as if you've seen a ghost... 3)Dickie was at the Opera last night. 1)I don't believe it. Wild horses wouldn'tdrag Dickie to - 3)He was there with someone. So I suppose she must have dragged him - that's not fair. I'm going back to Mongi. I think Dickie's coming home. I'm going to go home. 1)Really? That's swell. No, I was just -you're way ahead of me! Great! 2)We think he's had a change of heart.So we should be celebrating. 3)I hope so. 2)That was moving, wasn't it? When Meredith said - Meredith's the American girl I saw night, I know her, at the Opera, she's been seeing something of Dickie - 1)My God. 2)But the point is Dickie - well we know this - Dickie loves Marge and he misses her and apparently he's come to his senses... 1)It's fantastic. I feel guilty. Marge doesn't understand this, but anytime Dickie does something I feel guilty.
HINT 1 Matt Damon
HINT 2 Italy
MOVIE TITLE Talented Mr. Ripley, The - 1999