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QUOTE 1)You and Signor Ripley went to San Remo, is that right? 2)Yes, sure, we did go to San Remo. That was months ago. 1)November, I thought. 2)Was it? Did you speak to Tom? 1)November 7th is my information. 1)I don't remember the exact date. 1)And when did you last see Signor Ripley? 2)A few days ago. 1)Does he stay with you here? 2)No! 1)No. Here is a pattern. Two days ago Freddie Miles is dead - he leaves your apartment and is murdered. Yesterday a little boat is found in San Remo full of rocks, and the owner tells the Police it was stolen on November 7th. We look at hotel records and we see oh! Dickie Greenleaf is staying in San Remo and then our boatman remembers two Americans taking a boat. 2)It's not a pattern, it's a coincidence. There must be fifty hotels in San Remo, there must have been a hundred people renting a boat on that day. 1)31 people. 2)31 people.
HINT 1 Matt Damon
HINT 2 Italy
MOVIE TITLE Talented Mr. Ripley, The - 1999