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QUOTE FYI - I will be linking to your story/site today. If you would like to continue getting daily (M-F) updates let me know. Bernie Good morning, http://www.ThreeOldHippies.com has been updated. Activist art, news, information: political art, wearable art that makes a statement and art activism links... >NEW... >>...The Fashion of Politics show to benefit the Stepstone Center is seeking volunteers for Saturday, Oct. 30, at the Carbondale Community School. Models will strut down the runway wearing fashion from local artists and community members, geared towards wearable statements on the environment, elections, lifestyles, local issues and more... >>>...The 'selected not elected' mantra that was so strong early was silenced by the need to rally in support of a leader facing the 9/11 tragedy and a war against terrorism, Paulson says. But the questionable war on Iraq and the lack of weapons of mass destruction has unleashed that early anger with a passion that spills over into popular movies and a public ready to see them. >>>>...The two artists last Saturday launched a collaborative art exhibition in which they produced work on the same canvass ...The artists do not stop at mocking politicians but also applaud society's good practices such as marriage while celebrating beauty and the woman. As one viewer put it. Karungi and Juuko's work is life itself... >>>>>(street poster in Spain) ...This site is a documentation of anti-Bush sentiment from around the world expressed through graffiti, placards, flyers and other spontaneous, 'guerilla' means... Related: ...officials said they had never seen so large a drive to prepare for Election Day challenges. They said they were scrambling yesterday to be ready for disruptions in the voting process as well as alarm and complaints among voters. Some officials said they worried that the challenges could discourage or even
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MOVIE TITLE Bulworth - 1998