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QUOTE 1)What do your people want with me? Why are you trying to frame me? 2)Please! I'm only here cause of Paris. Abbott tried to...1)Abbott? Who's Abbott? 2)Conklin's boss. He shut down Treadstone. 1)Is he here? In Berlin? 2)Yes. 1)Did he run Treadstone? Did he run Treadstone?! 2)Yes. Conklin reported to him. Please! Please I swear!! 1)Alright! What was...what was Landy buying, what kind of files? 2)Conklin. Stuff on COnklin. It was something to do with a russian politician.
HINT 1 Matt Damon
HINT 2 2004 sequel
MOVIE TITLE Bourne Supremacy, The - 2004