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QUOTE Hunt- what I remember most were the animals. edwards- ahh, the animals. Hunt- Fearsome beasts of the mountains and plains. I've seen a bear so powerful the it snapped a man's body in half with it's huge jaws. I've seen badgers with paws as big as frying pans, now they'll just rip your face right off. THEY'LL JUST RIP IT OFF, NOTIHNG TO DO WITH IT THEY'LL,JUST RIP IT OFF. Once there was a hawk that swooped down from the sky CAAW CAAW CAAW, and plucked a man's eyeballs out of his sockets. the fellow was scraeming, I'M BLIND I CANT SEE AHHHHHH!. Twice when I was fishing....... Edwards- Hunt, Hunt, Hunt. I think you are scaring the men. Hunt- I think it's best they know. It gives a man courage to know what he's up against.
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MOVIE TITLE Almost Heroes - 1998