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QUOTE 1: You know what your problem is? 2: What's my problem? 1: Sex and nervousness. 2: Sex and nervousness is my problem? 1: Yes. Last night when we were in the Dish Room, I realized that those place settings were purchased by the first ladies, and I'll bet that none of them were nervous about having sex with their president husbands. And do you know why? 2: No, but I'm sure you'll explain it to me. 1: Because they weren't presidents when they first met them. 2: Ah. 1: That's not the case here. 2: No. Can I use your bathroom? I just want to freshen up. 1: Right down there, and on your right you'll see a closet, and if you feel comfortable, you can take off your coat. I'll fix us a drink, and I will explain to you my plan. 2: You've got a plan? Don't make me wait! You're on a roll. 1: All right. You're attracted to me, but the thought of physical intimacy is unnerving because you only know me as the President. But it's not always going to be that way, and the reason I know that is because there was a moment last night when you were with me and not the President. So, Sydney, I'm in no rush. We're going to slow down, and when you're comfortable, that's when it's gonna happen. (2 enters in nothing but one of 1's shirts) Perhaps I didn't properly explain the fundamentals of the Slow-down plan. 2: No, you explained it great. 1: Are you nervous? 2: No. 1: Good. My nervousness exists on several levels. First, and this is in no particular order, I haven't done this in a really long time. Second, any expectations that you might have given that I am the...well... 2: The most powerful man in the world? 1: Yes, that comes with the office...I mean, if this were Eisenho
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MOVIE TITLE American President, The - 1995