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QUOTE 1)Come. Let’s begin. 2)We ended in F major. 1) Yes. 2) So, now. A minor. (pause - thinking) A minor. 1) Yes. Confutatis. A minor. (prompting) 2) start with the voices, basses first. Second beat of the first measure. 1) Time? Time? 2) Common time. Second beat of the first measure ... on A. 'Con-fu-ta-tis!' Second measure, second beat. 'Mal-e-dic-tis!' You see? 1) Yes, yes. G sharp? 2) Of course.Second beat of the third measure on E. 'fla-mmis a-cri-bus...' Do you have me!? 1) I think so. 2) SHOW ME!
HINT 1 Wolfie
HINT 2 Forman Film
MOVIE TITLE Amadeus - 1984