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QUOTE 1/ You remember that time you, me and Etta went to Denver that summer for a vacation? 2/ I'm glad you brought that up, Kid.. that's an important topic condisering our situation! 1/ That night we went out gambling, remember? 2/ We had dinner at the hotel... Etta had roast beef and I had chicken, and if I can remember what *you* had I'll die a happy man! 1/ Look out there! 2/ What? 1/ We got talking to some gambler that night and he told us about an indian.... a full blooded indian except he called himself by an English name.... Sir *somebody* 2/ Lord Baltimore? 1/ Lord Baltimore, that's right... and he could track anybody, over anything day or night 2/ So? 1/ That guy on the ground, I think it's him 2/ No, Baltimore works out of Oklahoma, he's strictly an Oklahoma man... I don't know where we are but it sure as hell isn't Oklahoma nahhh it couldn't be him.... couldn't be him 1/ I guess.... whoever it is it sure as hell is somebody!!
HINT 1 Paul Newman
HINT 2 Robert Redford
MOVIE TITLE Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - 1969