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QUOTE Kyle- I think i know the answer Mr. Garrison! Cartman- Mmmm mmm mMm Mmm Kyle- Shut up, fat Boy! Cartman- Hey! Don't call me fat you F*&$ing Jew! Mr. Garrison- Eric! Did you just say the F-word? Cartman-...Jew? Kyle-No, he's talking about F&%$. You can't say F*$& in School you f*#&ing Fatass! Mr. Garrison-Kyle! Eric-Why the F*$& not? Mr. Garrison- Eric! Stan- Dude, you just said F*&$ again! Mr. Garrison- Stanly! Kenny- Mphh! Mr. Garrison- Kenny! Eric- I don't see what the big deal is! It's not like it hurts anybody! F*&$-F*$&ity-F*&$-F*$%-F&%$!! Mr. Garrison- How would you like to go see the school counsler? Eric-How would you like to suck my Balls? ::GASP:: Mr. Garrison- WHAT DID YOU SAY? Eric- O, i'm sorry, sorry...What i said was (megaphone)HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY BALLS...Mr. Garrison? Stan- ....Holy Sh*%, dude.
HINT 1 Classroom scene with BAD language for 4th graders
HINT 2 After seeing the terrence and phillip movie
MOVIE TITLE South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut - 1999