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QUOTE JOHN: you have to tell him NATALIE: tell him, JOHN: why would you want to burden him with this JOHN: he has to know why mother never wanted him NATALIE: see this is what happens when you interfear, if you had just left it alone, he could have gone through his whole life without ever knowing. JOHN: Natalie i have been the boys father and mother for his whole life. i can't keep something like this secret from him NATALIE: Then you tell him and you leave me out of it.
HINT 1 This is said in the court room when Natalie (Gloris Reuben) has just told her dad why she planned to put her baby up for adoption
HINT 2 This is near to the end of the film. 15 minutes approx from the end
MOVIE TITLE Little John (Drama) - 2002