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QUOTE Benny:I hope you're happy.Ihope you are happy with what you have done. [slams Sam against wall]Stay away from my sister.You hear me? STAY AWAY FROM HER!!! Sam:No...No... Benny:You wanna know why everyone laughs at you?Cause' your an idiot.A first class MORON! Sam:[put down by Benny]You're scared...Benny. Benny:I'm WHAT?!? [Sam shakes his head] You're scared. I can see it. You know what,Benny?[avoiding to look at him] I used to look up to you.Now I can't even look AT you. [walks out of hospital.]
HINT 1 Buster Keaton
HINT 2 0
MOVIE TITLE Benny & Joon - 1993