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QUOTE See, the thing is, I care very much about aviation. It has been the great joy of my life. That’s why I put my own money into these planes. And I’ve lost millions, senator. And I’ll go on losing millions. Its just what I do. Now, if I’ve lost a lot of the governments money during the war, I hope folks will put that into perspective. See more than 60 other airplanes ordered from such firms as Lockheed, Douglas, northrop and Boeing never saw action either. IN all, more than $800 million was spent during the war on planes that never flew. Over 6 billion on other weapons that were never delivered. Yet, Hughes Aircraft, with her 56 million is the only firm under investigation here. Now I cannot help but think that has a little more to do with TWA than planes that did not fly.
HINT 1 Leo
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MOVIE TITLE Aviator, The - 2004