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QUOTE Hey, Hey Grace You're suppose to be in Arizona Is this the...Are you the pilot? No, I'm Grace's brother, Anthony Will you excuse us for a moment, Burneice You sure Yeah Ya told...You told your friend, Berneice, I'm some sorta Jet Pilot? Well what was i suppose to say, you grew up in an insane asylum? We've discussed this before, Grace, it wasn't an insane asylum, it was for exhaustion. Exhaustion? Yes, exhaustion. You havn't worked a day in your life. How can you be exhausted? Look, I didn't come down here to argue with you. I've got some friends in the car...and Who?! Some associates. Dignan Yeah, Dignan, but also... *Sigh* What's wrong with Dignan? I thought you liked Dignan. I do like Dignan, well then why do you always sigh when i say his name? But he's a liar
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MOVIE TITLE Bottle Rocket - 1996