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QUOTE Hey, Hey Grace You're suppose to be in Arizona Is this the...Are you the pilot? No, I'm Grace's brother, Anthony Will you excuse us for a moment, Burneice You sure Yeah Ya told...You told your friend, Berneice, I'm some sorta Jet Pilot? Well what was i suppose to tell her, you grew up in an insane asylum? We've discussed this before, Grace, it wasn't an insane asylum, it was for exhaustion. Exhaustion? Yes, exhaustion. You havn't worked a day in your life. How can you be exhausted? Look, I didn't come down here to argue with you. I've got some friends in the car...and Who?! Some associates. Dignan Yeah, Dignan, but also... *Sigh* What's wrong with Dignan? I thought you liked Dignan. I do like Dignan, well then why do you always sigh when i say his name? But he's a liar
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MOVIE TITLE Bottle Rocket - 1996