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QUOTE Every Tom, Dick, and Harry, no correction every Tom, Dick, and Sid. Harry was his friend. Anyway, every Tom, Dick, and Sid thinks that if he takes a girl to dinner, that shell just curl up like a kitten in a little furry ball at his feet right? I have by actual count been taken to dinner by 26 different rats in the past 2 months, 27 if you count Benny Shacklett who was in many ways a super rat! And do you wanna kno something funny? in spite of the fact that most of these rats fork up 50 dollars for the powder room like little dolls, i find that i have again by actual count 9 dollars less in the old bank account than i had 6 months ago. So my darling fred, i have tonight made a very SERIOUS decision. No longer will i play the feild. The feild stinks, both economically, and socially and im giving it up. OH QUITE UP THERE YOU WANT TO WAKE THE WHOLE HOUSE! *sigh* as Miss Boyd was saying before she was so RUDELY intterrupted, Miss Boyd further announces her intention to devote her not incconsiderable talents, to the intended capture, for the purpose of matrimony, to a mr. BR-UTHEFORD. Rusty to his friends of whom im sure he has many... Trawler. Rusty Trawler, you met him at my party a couple of weeks ago remember, he came with Mag Wildwood. Not the BEAUTIFUL latin type, the other one, the one that looks like a pig, remember? the ninth richest man in america under 50! ahhhh to i detect a look of disapproval in your eyes. Well tough beans buddy cause thats the way its gonna be!
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MOVIE TITLE Breakfast at Tiffany's - 1961