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QUOTE 1/__So stop me if I got this wrong. Now the fire is almost out, you're upstairs on the unburned floor checking for heat, is that correct? And you've been told by your Battalion Chief, your Captain and by me not to do nothin', right? Not to do nothin' until ordered....that's correct, right? 2/__Yes, sir. 1/__Ok... But now the itch starts. The 'Glory Boy' flash starts. 'Hey, I'm a hero. Heroes don't just stand around.' You can tell me, that's what it was, wasn't it? 2/__Yes, sir. 1/__So you punched out a window for ventilation. Was that before or after you noticed you were standing in a lake of gasoline?.... Was that BEFORE OR AFTER you noticed you were standing in a lake of GASOLINE, YOU IDIOT!!!? 2/__Before, sir. 1/__You could have burned or killed or crispened half that company! To say nothing of the fact that you wrecked the physical evidence that I use to prove that it's arson, and you know how goddamned hard it is to determine the cause of these fires! Now you go home and you think about that!
HINT 1 Kurt Russell
HINT 2 De Niro
MOVIE TITLE Backdraft - 1991