Quotes Description

QUOTE 1/_Cinque, look, I'm being honest with you, anything else would be disrespectful. I'm telling you, I'm preparing you, I suppose I'm explaining to you that the test ahead of us is an exceptionally difficult one 2/_We won't be going there alone 1/_Alone? Indeed not, no we have right at our side, we have righteousness at our side. We have Mr Baldwin over there..... 2/_I meant my ancestors, I will call into the past, far back to the beginning of time and beg them to come and help me at the judgement. I will reach back and draw them into me, and they must come, for at this moment I am the whole reason they have existed at all.
HINT 1 Matthew McConaghy
HINT 2 Sir Anthony Hopkins
MOVIE TITLE Amistad - 1997