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QUOTE Blankman:you give up or you gonna get ruff with ya Pimp:Listen you little creep You Got Three Second *Cockgun* and get yourself outta here 1. Blankman:2 3 Go Ahead and Shoot me? *GUNSHOT FOUR* Pimp:Listen,look what you make me do now i'm a kill that guy you makin my Nurve. give me that money? Blankman:yoo-hoo,you want try Aagin Pal? Pimp:Who are you? *pimp gunshot* Man:why don't you shoot Him in the head. Oldman:Yeah? Shoot Him in the Head? Pimp:that right? shoot him in the head! Blankman:Uh-oh *kevin fight the pimp* Kevin kung-fu and kick him in the garbish*
HINT 1 K.Stewart
HINT 2 M.Tenny
MOVIE TITLE Blankman - 1994