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QUOTE It's not easy being a cast-iron bitch. It takes discipline, years of training... A lot of people don't appreciate that... I know how alone you feel... alone in all that cold blackness... but I'm there in the dark with you. Bud, you're not alone. You remember that time, you were pretty drunk, you probably don't remember... the power went out at the old apartment, the one on Orange Street... and we were staring at that one little candle, and I said something really dumb like that candle is me, like every one of us is out there alone in the dark in this life... and you lit another candle and put it beside mine and said 'that's me'... and we stared at the two candles, and then we... well, if you remember any of it, I'm sure you remember the next part. Bud, there are two candles in the dark. I'm with you. I'll always be with you
HINT 1 Ed Harris
HINT 2 Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
MOVIE TITLE Abyss, The - 1989