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QUOTE 1.Pizza delivery for robbery homicide. 2.Robbery Homicid..? 1. well why is it that i dont see robbery homicide with a pizza delivery in the login sheet? 2. Well i'll tell you what, why dont you leave that pizza here with me? 1. I'll tell you what, last time i left a pizza here, it magically dissapeared.. you know its like leavin candy around me. It's not gonna be alright i'ma (makes chewing noise) chomp it up! See what i'm sayin? 2. Look, there's only two kinds of guys that can get through that door, guys wearin a handcuff, and guys wearing a badge, you dont have on either now do you? 1. Well i dont have a badge or a handcuff so.
HINT 1 Miles goes into police station in a disguise as a pizza man
HINT 2 0
MOVIE TITLE Blue Streak - 1999