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QUOTE 1/_Lo Pan has plans for us, if he didn't we'd be dead door-nails right now 2/_Lo Pan?? Which Lo Pan?? The little old basket case on wheels or the ten foot tall road-block??! 1/_They're one and the same 2/_You know something you're not telling me, Wang 1/_Myths and Legends: I don't wanna insult you 2/_Nah nah, go ahead, insult me! 1/_It's about all sorts of scary things, it's about an ancient army of the dead. The Spirit City and monkey sacrifices. The First Sovereign Emperor of China, that mad monarch who federated our seven warring states, defeated Lo Pan and imposed upon him that horrible curse of *no flesh* in 272 B.C. A lot of Chinese kids hear these things when we're kids, then when we grow up, we pretend not to believe them. 2/_No horse shit, Wang? 1/_No horse shit, Jack... I don't blame you, I'm Chinese and I don't even wanna believe it... but it's real. Sorcery! Chinese black magic
HINT 1 Kurt Russell
HINT 2 Kim Cattrall
MOVIE TITLE Big Trouble in Little China - 1986