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QUOTE Jude: I got a job. You know, as in we'll pay you to do it. Thought youd be pleased. Lucy: What job? Jude: Its a logo for Sadies record company. Its a strawberry. You know, red, juicy, sexy? No? Lucy: Why were you so rude to paco earlier? It wouldnt hurt you to talk to him. Hes got a good mind, hes commited, hes a- Jude: A shagger? Lucy: A what? Jude: A shagger. A Don Juan. A seducer of young, vulnerable women. Lucy: Jude you know nothing about him! Jude: Oh yea? Every time I go to your place theres about fifty people there. Theres one bloke lickin stamps and the other forty-nine...Oh, theyre all female. Lucy: Dont exaggerate. Jude: Trust me. Im not. Lucy: We're in the middle of a revolution Jude, and what are you doing, doodles and cartoons? I didnt mean it like that. Jude: No? Well what did you mean? I mean Im sorry Im not the man with the megaphone, but this is what I do. Lucy: You could at least listen to what he has to say. I suppose you dont though because you know youll never be drafted. Jude: Nor will you Lucy. Lucy: I would lie down in front of a tank if it would stop this war and bring Max home. Jude: Yea? Well it wouldnt. Lucy: Well maybe when bombs start going off here, people will listen!
MOVIE TITLE Across the Universe - 2007