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QUOTE #1- Lord, the Devil's own disciples have gathered at our door today. And I'm trying Lord, but I'm finding it difficult to concentrate on my text. So here's what I'm asking you to do. Send down a curse on these heathens. Send a visage as black as night to pluck out their eyes so they can't see to find this place ever again. And send down a plague that will turn their lips and tongues into a festering rot. And if they still persist in their evil mockings send a horrible and eternal death to each man here and to the seeds of his loins, in the form of a thousand crooked vipers each viper with a thousand heads and each head with a thousand fangs each fang dripping with vile poison to strike a thousand times until there is naught but weeping and wailing and the great gnashing of teeth through out this godless land. Amen. #2- Now, by God, you take that back.
HINT 1 1986
HINT 2 Willie Nelson
MOVIE TITLE Red-Headed Stranger - 1986