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QUOTE (Lounge) DOT: Where're you going? VESPA: I'm going to tell him off once and for all! DOT: Wait a minute! We'll need him to get us out of here! (Cockpit) LONE STAR: She called me an idiot! I'm gonna go back there and explain a few things to her! (Lounge) DOT: Besides, he's got a sexy voice. He could be cute! (Cockpit) BARF: Wait a minute, you haven't seen what she looks like! LONE STAR: Oh, I know what she looks like! If you've seen one princess, you've seen 'm all! (Lounge) VESPA: Cute! I know these space bums! They're all alike! Fat, ugly... (Cockpit) LONE STAR: Buck-toothed, knock-kneed,... (Lounge) VESPA:...beer-swilling pigs! (Storms out) (Cockpit) LONE STAR:...horse-faced space dogs! (Storms out) BARF: (tries to get up but forgets to unbuckle his seat belt) Yeah, but...OOOHH! (unbuckles himself) That's gonna leave a mark!
HINT 1 Asher
HINT 2 Doak
MOVIE TITLE Spaceballs - 1987