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QUOTE ANDY: You know what, I don’t feel comfortable….hitting on drunk “bitches”. You know, I don’t think that’s right. JAY: Ok, hold up, hold up dawg. First of all, you making it out to be some kind of bad thing. I didn’t use bitches in a derogatory sense, you did. ANDY: It’s just, this doesn’t feel right! JAY: Of course it don’t feel right, what has felt right for you doesn’t work. You need to try some wrong, dawg. ANDY: Ok, how do I tell which ones are drunk? JAY: Now you talking. Now check this out, you see this redhead over here? ANDY: Where? JAY: With the big old titties. ANDY: You know, I’m not just going to stare at a woman. JAY: Dawg, I’m not telling you to stare at nobody! I’m telling you to use your peripherals. Now look at me. See? Look. See? I’m not lookin at you. No. I’m lookin at the- ANDY: You’re looking at her?.....What? What do you want me to do? JAY: I want you to use your peripherals. See, I’m not lookin at you. No, see I’m lookin at the readhead at 3 o’clock with the big titties. You see her, racked up, right there, see her? See her? ANDY: …Yeah, yes! JAY: You find one, with the peripherals, you find one. ANDY: Ok. See over by the post? It looks like a, it’s either a ficus, or it might be a rubber tree plant.
MOVIE TITLE 40 Year Old Virgin, The - 2005