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QUOTE 1) I'm Going To Kill You! 2) You IDIOT! You Made Me. Remember? You Dropped Me Into That Vat Of Chemicals. That Wasn't Easy To Get Over, And Don't Think That I Didn't Try. 3) I Know You Did. You Killed My Parents. 4) what? what? what Are You Talking About? 5) I Made You, You Made Me First. 6) Hey, Bat-Brain, I Mean, I Was A Kid When I Killed Your Parents. I Mean, I say " I Made You" You Gotta Say " You Made Me". I Mean, How Childish Can You Get? You Wouldn't Hit A Guy With Glasses On, Would You? Huh?
HINT 1 Batman And Joker
HINT 2 80's Superhero Film
MOVIE TITLE Batman - 1989