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QUOTE 1) You know, it takes alot of nerve to spend a beautiful evening with someone and then never call them again. 2) Doug, I can explain. 1) I just wish I could take back that kiss. 3) Oooooh. 1) Because I felt something that I haven't felt in years... and now I know... it was the taste of betrayal. 2) It wasn't the taste of betrayal. 1) It was the taste of betrayal. 2) No, it really wasn't. 1) It was the taste of betrayal, you fucking whore. 2) Doug? 1) Good day. 2) Doug wait... I can actually explain what just... 3) I would looove to hear that.
HINT 1 man date
HINT 2 Rudd
MOVIE TITLE I Love You, Man - 2009