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QUOTE Mike: We might as well go back. Marcus: What?! And take a trip all the way down to high society for nothin'? That's why they got windows for. We can peek in. Mike: Yeah, you're right. Oh!!! Marcus: What happened? Mike: I tripped! Marcus: The door just opened for you like that? Mike: Right after I tripped. Marcus: I guess they want us to come in, take a peek. Mike: Heelllooooooo!! Marcus: We're your new neighbors. Mike: Don't be alarmed; we're negroes. Marcus: Naw, man, naw! That's too much bass in your voice. That scares White folks. You got to sound like them. (Nerdy voice)We were wondering if we could borrow some brown sugar? Sniff, Sniff. You fart? Mike: Naw, man. Mike & Marcus: Dead guy. Mike: Aw man! Alright let me take a stab at this one. He sells the ventilation plans to the bad guys. He gets rich, but he gets dead. Marcus: You right about that. Uh, I'ma call homicide. Mike: Yo, wait, why you always get like that when we around a dead body? Marcus: I don't know it's just the ...(gags) Mike: Will you just look around? Please? Marcus: (Gags)The smell and...the fumes...it's just unexpected, that's all. Mike: Looks like our man here was a bit much of a gambler. We got Dog Track, Hai Alai, probably needed money to pay off his debts. Marcus: Bookie. Mike: Whoops, sorry. Marcus: Damn man! Watch where you swingin' a dead leg!! Mike: My bad! Marcus: Damn this! I'm callin' homicide. I'm a Narcotics cop. Sniff, Sniff. Oh, dead bodies...dead ends. Maggots and... Mike: You alright, man? Marcus: A little...nauseous... I'ma...(gags)...I'm gonna...(gags)...oooohh...(gags) Mike: Hey, what you say we grab a couple of burritos?
MOVIE TITLE Bad Boys - 1995