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QUOTE 1: .........Hi, my name is surge, i am fine and how may i help you 2: Hi, my name is Axel Foley, i'm here to see Jenny Summers 1: To what is it pertaining? 2: I'm sorry i didn't understand what you just said 1: ...To what is it pertaining, what is it regarding? 2: Oh, to what is it regarding, i'm an old acquaintance of hers 1: Donnay!!, please tell miss jenny that acwell 2: sorry that's Axel 1: Ackwell, Ahmed, Akmell........Foley is here to see her...and button up your shirt, it's not sexy, it's like a dog to scrub, it's not sexy 2: No, it's not sexy 1: you like espresso, i make it back there myself with a little lemon twist, it's good. 2: no thankyou i'm fine 1: .......So i see you look at this piece...... 2: Yeah i was wondering...how much does something like this go for? 1: one hundred thirty thousand dollar.... 2: get the F*#k outta here 1: no i cannot it is true 2: tell me.....you ever sell one of these? 1: Sell only yesterday to a collector! 2: get the f&#k outta here!!! 1: No i cannot i am serious 3: Axel Foley what are you doing here?!?!?! 2: Jenny!!! excuse me Surge. 2: Jenny! How are you?!?!?!? you really filled out 3: Yeah i filled out.....and look at you with your beach fuzz 2: this ain't no beach fuzz, this is moustache, man's stuff...... 3: So what are you doing in Beverly Hills Axel... 2: ....It's about Mikey, they killed Mikey.....
MOVIE TITLE Beverly Hills Cop - 1984