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QUOTE 1) Look I dont know about you but i really believe that theres one person out there for everyone thats what this is about Its not just some sapppy love letter telling her that my heart stops everytime i see her its in there its not just to tell her how i think shes more than the homecoming queen or mikes girlfriend hows theres this really amazing person inside of her that no one bothers to see its in there too but what its really about is how she should just give me a chance just one chance mayeb we could find out if theres a reason for all of this why shes not with mike tonight and after 4 years im still here with this letter maybe we could find out what that reason is you know? its time to find out i think im ready to do this finally any words of encouragment? 2) would you like to touch my penis?? 1) what? (get up and runs away) 2)i am a sex machine
MOVIE TITLE Can't Hardly Wait - 1998