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QUOTE girl:Who's the guy in all the pics?...Martin:in what,oh u know what?,i 4got they were even here,that's my partner,Marcus Burnett...girl:oh,i've never seen anything like this b4...Martin:well,i know how it may throw u a little bit but see it's a cop thing,these pics are up in here 4 everytime he saved my life,it's the same thing 4 him,u go back to his place,ain't nothin' but pics of me,Mike Lowrey,cuz it's like a shrine,just a,just a reminder...girl:cuz i mean when i saw it,was like the whole wall, so i thought maybe they were pics of ur lover...Martin:of what?...girl:u know i thought that u were u know GAY...Martin:that i was gay,no no no no no baby...girl:no but i didn't mean 2 offend u,it's like okay to be a homosexual MIke...Martin:No y-y-you not listenin',it's not registerin',believe me,did u sleep in the bed...girl:ya...Martin:didn't u feel the dents,ya the dents comes from all of that.....
MOVIE TITLE Bad Boys - 1995