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QUOTE A) Nervous some people huh? Hi my name is Axel Foley I have a reservation. B)Sorry sir I'm not getting anything under that name. A) Oh, check Rolling Stone Magazine - Axel Foley...that's what it is. B) Sorry sir no Rolling Stone no Axel Foley. A) Oh that's ok you guys probably just made a reservations mistake, why don't you just give me a key and I'll go up and go to sleep. B) I'm sorry sir there are no rooms available A) Don't you think I see what's going on here, If I was some big hot shot from out of town I'D BE UP IN MY ROOM RELAXING RIGHT NOW, BUT I'M NOT SOME HOT SHOT FROM OUT OF TOWN, i'M A SMALL REPORTER FROM ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE THAT'S HERE TO DO AN EWXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL JACKSON, I WAS GOING TO CALL IT MICHAEL JACKSON IS SITTING ON TOP OF THE WORLD, BUT NOW I THINK I MIGHT AS WELL JUST CALL IT MICHAEL JACKSON CAN SIT ON TOP OF THE WORLD, AS LONG AS HE DOESN'T SIT IN THE BEVERLEY PALM HOTEL 'COS THERE'S NO NIGGAS ALLOWED IN THERE!!!!
MOVIE TITLE Beverly Hills Cop - 1984