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QUOTE 1.Hey thats a cool couch does it fold out into a bed?2.yeah a really cool one but that is Jenkins bed. This is your bed 1. Dude thats fucking weak! How am i supposed to get a chick in that3. Dude you couldnt get a chick with a hundred dollar bill hanging out of ur zipper 1. yes i can 2. no you cant cause your a little bitch 1. im not a little bitch 3. yeah butyour a piece of shit 1. im not a piece a shit 2.yeah but your a little bitch 3. HE got you there 1. i dont even know why i hang out with you guys I swear if you rip on me 13 or 14 more times im outta here.
HINT 1 Matt Stone
HINT 2 Trey Parker
MOVIE TITLE BASEketball - 1998