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QUOTE 1. hey wanna play a game of two on two 2. sure 1. lets make it intresting say 20 bucks 2. how about 50 1. your on 3.Dude we dont got 50 bucks 2. we dont got 20. how good can they be any ways 1.to the lane baby 4. ali oop 1.you losers ready 3. yeah but none of that pussy two on two shit u play in the suburbs 1. what you got something better? 1. yeah its something we picked up in the hood 3. yeah yeah see i make a shot from any where on the court and u gotta make that shot or else u get a letter 1. what like horse 2. NO its not like horse pssssh 3. pssssh 2.pssssh 3. pssssh 2. Its um baseball rules see this is first the top of the key is second 3. right here is third and home run is behind the meatballs 2. you miss u get a out ok break 1. whoa whoa whoa 3. what do we need to explain it one more time you guys arnt big sprot guys 1. no no we got 2. losers up first 1. so this is first 4.yeah and a homerun is behind the meatballs 2. come on guy shoot the ball pssssh 4. hey you cant spit your beer at me 2. yeah i can do anything to make you miss your shot 3. those are the rules one out 1. one out! give me that ball
HINT 1 Trey Parker
HINT 2 Matt Stone
MOVIE TITLE BASEketball - 1998