Quotes Description

QUOTE 1:Hello Lonestar. 2:Sorry wrong switch. 3:Hello Vinne.What do you want? 1:No,no,no.It's not what I want.It's what he wants. 2&3:PIZZA THE HUT! 4:Well if it isn't Lonestar and his sidekick Puke. 2:That's Barf 4:Barf,Puke,whatever.Where's my money? 3:Don't worry Pizza,you'll have it by next week. 4:No no.I gotta have it by tomorrow. 3:A hundred thousand Spacebucks? By tomorrow. 4:A hundred thousand?! Ha ha.No way.You forgot late charges which brings it up to...um... one million Spacebucks. 3:A million?! That's unfair! 4:Unfair to the payer,but enough to the payee.But you're gonna pay it or else! 2:Or else what? 4:Tell 'em Vinnie. 1:Or else Pizza is gonna send out for you!
HINT 1 pun on Pizza Hut and Jabba The Hutt
HINT 2 Man with a mog(half man,half dog) for a sidekick
MOVIE TITLE Spaceballs - 1987