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QUOTE Lindsey: Ok, look, you swim to the rig and come back with another suit. Bud: Seven, eight minute swim each way...not enought time. Look at this...Time I get back you'll be... Bud: Alright, put this on. Lindsey: What, you growing gills all of a sudden? You got it on, keep it on. Bud: Don't argue, goddamnit, just- Lindsey: No way! Forget it. Not an option. Bud: Lindsey, just put the thing on and shut up- Lindsey: No! Now be logical, Bud, you're- Bud: Fuck logic! Lindsey: Listen...will you listen to me for a second?! You've got the suit on and you're a better swimmer than me. Right? So I got a plan... Bud: What's the plan? Lindsey: I drown, you tow me back to the rig- Bud: What kind of plan is that!! Lindsey: Look, this water is only a couple degrees above freezing. I drown. I go into deep hypothermia...my blood like icewater. I can maybe be revived after ten, fifteen minutes. You got all the stuff to do it on the rig. Bud: It is insane. Lindsey: It's the only way, Bud. Now trust me. Bud: Jesus, I don't believe this is happening...Oh God, Lins...I-- Lindsey: Tell me later. Lindsey: This is maybe not such a great plan, is it?...Hold me. Hold me, Bud...I'm so scared... Bud: NOOOOO!!!
HINT 1 Underwater Alien World
HINT 2 Ed Harris
MOVIE TITLE Abyss, The - 1989