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QUOTE 1) For instance if you were to look up 'Professional Football's All Time Bone Head Plays' , you might read about a former Miami Dolphin Kicker named Ray Finkle , who missed a 20 yard feild goal in the closing seconds of superbowl 17 ...*deep breath* What you WOULDN'T read about is how Ray Finkle lost his mind , was committed to a mental hospital only to escape and join the police force under the assumed identity of a missing hiker manipulating his way to the top in a diabolical scheme to get even with Dan Marino who he blames for the the whole thing....2) What the hell are you talking about ? 1) She's not Lois Einhorn ! She's Ray Finkle . She's man .
HINT 1 Jim Carrey
HINT 2 Animals
MOVIE TITLE Ace Ventura: Pet Detective