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QUOTE WILLARD: How come they call you that? CHEF: Call me what, sir? WILLARD: Chef -- is that 'cause you like mangoes an' stuff? CHEF: No, sir -- I'm a real chef, sir -- I'm a sauciere -- WILLARD: A sauciere ? CHEF: Yes, sir -- See, I come from New Orleans -- I was raised to be a sauciere.. a great sauciere. We specialize in sauces. Has to be a mango tree here somewhere...I was supposed to go to Paris. Then my physical came up. Hell I joined the Navy. Someone told me Navy had better food. Cook school -- that did it. WILLARD: Oh yeah, how? CHEF: They lined us all up in front of a hundred yards of prime rib -magnificent meat, beautifully marbled.. Then they started throwing it in these big cauldrons, all of it -- boiling. I looked in, an' it was turning gray. I couldn't fucking believe that one.
HINT 1 Vietnam
HINT 2 Air Cav
MOVIE TITLE Apocalypse Now - 1979