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QUOTE Pilot: Striker was the squadron leader. He brought us in real low. But he couldn't handle it. Prosecutor: Buddy couldn't handle it? Was Buddy one of your crew? Pilot: Right. Buddy was the bombardier. But it was Striker who couldn't handle it, and he went to pieces. Prosecutor: *Andy* went to pieces? Pilot: No. Andy was the navigator. He was all right. Buddy went to pieces. It was awful how he came unglued. Prosecutor: *Howie* came unglued? Pilot: Oh, no. Howie was a rock, the best tailgunner in the outfit. Buddy came unglued. Prosecutor: And he bailed out? Pilot: No. Andy hung tough. Buddy bailed out. How he survived, it was a miracle. Prosecutor: Then Howie survived? Pilot: No, 'fraid not. We lost Howie the next day.
HINT 1 a sequel!
HINT 2 that means it was part 2!
MOVIE TITLE Airplane II: The Sequel - 1982