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QUOTE (1)I can't believe it's taken so long to figure out. I'm going for a long walk to simmer down. First, I'd like to cut through the shit. He's not technically dating because he's technically hung up on you. And you! You moron! She's only here to salvage her precious career and serve you with divorce papers. I've done all I can do. I'm going for a walk. Leaving is just something I've really perfected, so, once more, with feeling. (2)She was more fun when she was fat.(3)Is that true? (2)What? (3)About the papers. (2)Yes, but now I don't know. Seeing you, being in front of the press with you... We have something. Maybe I've made a horrible, horrible mistake. Maybe I should give you the papers.I don't know. (3)You're the devil.
HINT 1 2001
HINT 2 john cusack & zeta jones
MOVIE TITLE America's Sweethearts - 2001