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QUOTE 1. Excuse me, are you the lady who runs this establishment? 2. Unfortunately. 3. Ten years ago, we left our little baby girl on the front steps. 1. We were starving. There was a job managing a hotel in Maine, but only if we had no children. 2. Wrap it up, I'm listenin' to Helen Trent. 3. We never meant to leave our little Annie. 2. Annie? 1. Now, we have a hardware store in New Jersey. We could take care of her. 3. We've always loved her. 2. You're Annie's parents? 3. Our place isn't fancy, but it's home. We live over the store. 1. There's a yard out back. 3. We have chickens. 1. And a rooster. (Whips off glasses, hat, and fake mustache, crows). 2. Rooster? My God! I never would have recognized you. (Looks around, ushers them inside). 1. Aw, sis. If we can fool you, we can fool Big Bucks.
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MOVIE TITLE Annie - 1982