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QUOTE URSELA: Hi Nancy! NANCY: Hi Ursela! what's the story, morning glory? URSELA: whats the tale, nightengale? Did you hear about Hugo and Kim?! ALICE: Hi Margie! MARGIE: Hi Alice! what's the story morning glory? ALICE: what's the word, humingbird? Have you heard about Hugo and Kim?! ALL: Did they really get pinned? Did she kiss him and cry? Did he pin the pin on? Or was he too shy? Well, I heard they got pinned(Yeah Yeah). I was hopin' they would(Uh-Huh). Now they're livin at last(He's gone). Goin' steady for- HARVEY: Hello Mr. Henkle, this is Harvey Johnson can I speak to Penelope Ann? P.A.: Is it true about Kim? HARVEY: Penelope- P.A.: I just knew it somehow. HARVEY: About the prom- P.A.: I must call her right up. HARVEY: Saturday? P.A. I CAN'T TALK TO YOU NOW!
HINT 1 Flying Animal
MOVIE TITLE Bye Bye Birdie - 1963